Live Tweeting E3 Conferences And Schedule

Here is the schedule for the E3 conferences tonight which I’ll be covering for Geeks Collective and ComicBuzz:

Microsoft – 5:30pm

EA – 8:00PM

Ubisoft – 11:00pm

Sony – 2:00am

As the title of this post suggests I’ll be live tweeting all the major announcements and news over at the Geeks Collective Twitter Page:

All the best everyone.


R.I.P. The Ultimate Warrior 1959 – 2014


Goodbye to one of my wrestling heroes, you truly were one of the greatest and you’ll be forever immortalised in the hearts of your fans and their memories of your greatest matches.

Below is his last ever on-screen WWF/WWE appearance as he gives a very heartfelt and poignant speech after his inauguration into the WWF/WWE Hall of Fame that has sadly become very timely.

Order Placed For DC Comics ‘Batman Eternal’ Weekly Series


Hi everyone, so as the title says, I’ve just put my order in with the awesome folks at DISPOSABLE HEROES COMICS for DC Comics upcoming weekly series Batman Eternal.

I am really excited about this series and very much looking forward to reading the first issue when it’s released this Wednesday as the series is being godfathered by Scott Snyder with some of the best Batman writers and artists of the last 3 years working together to create this 52 issue epic.

So my fellow Bat and/or DC fans, will you picking up this book as well on Wednesday or are you giving it a miss or simply waiting for the first reviews to come in before picking it up?

Write back in the comments section below or on my facebook, twitter, or tumblr accounts and let me know.

Breaking News – Teaser Footage From ‘TMNT’ Movie Trailer Released

Here it is everyone, ahead of the official full trailer debut later today is our first ever glimpse at footage from the upcoming live action ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ movie from director Jonathan Liebesman and producer Michael Bay and the clip starts at 00:16.

It’s a very brief glimpse of the movie but chimes with all the descriptions of the trailer I’ve read in the last few days and honestly, based on this brief glimpse, I’m actually a little excited to see the full trailer as it does look like they may have just pulled this adaptation off.

However, I’ll reserve full judgement until I see the full trailer which I will be posting here on Geeks Collective as soon as it is released.

Finally I want to give thanks to for breaking this video first.


“Six seasons and a movie” Prophetic For ‘Community’


As ‘Community’ reaches the end of it’s fifth season, a recent report by states that though the show is highly likely to get renewed for a sixth season, it could very well be it’s final season with a movie then following and presumably wrapping up the story.

This of course would be the  fulfilment of Abed’s prohecy as first seen in the shows season 2 finale:

Granted Abed’s prophecy was for the failed superhero TV show ‘The Cape’ but ‘Community’ fans have always used this phrase both as an in-joke and a rallying call during the tough times of the shows history when cancellation seemed imminent.

Thankfully though with creator Dan Harmon’s return this season as showrunner, ‘Community’ has been back to its best after the lacklustre season four and in a recent interview with he had this to say about a possible ‘Community’ movie:

“If the movie has to be made out of clay and duct tape in my basement, then that’s how the movie will be made, because there has to be closure,” Harmon recently told Hitfix. “The title of the book about the show is not Community, An Interesting Journey into a Show No One Ever Watched. The title of the book is obviously going to be, Six Seasons and a Movie.”

Current rumours suggest that Justin Lin who directed the last four movies in ‘The Fast and The Furious’ franchise and who directed three early episodes of ‘Community’ including the fan favourite ‘Modern Warfare’ paintball episode is the front runner to direct the movie when the production is greenlit.

Speaking on a personal note, I was a late comer to ‘Community’ after reading about it for years in SFX magazine when my close friend and housemate introduced me to the show on Christmas Day 2012 and within a matter of hours I had watched almost the full first season I loved it so much.

I feel that ‘Community’ is one of the smartest, funniest, and most heartfelt shows I’ve ever watched and without doubt is one of the best geek interest shows ever made as it is clearly a show made by geeks for geeks rather than a show about geeks that ridicules geek culture with outdated stereotypes like another popular show that I will not mention.

My fellow ‘Community’ fans what do you think, good choice or bad choice of director and if a bad choice who would you like to see direct the movie, let me know here on the blog or on my facebook, tumblr, and twitter pages.


Could 20th Century Fox Be Looking To Change Everything About ‘Fantastic Four’

Hi everyone, I’ve just read an article on claiming that 20th Century Fox studios are looking to replace Josh Trank (Chronicle) as the director of their upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot.

They also report that the studio is also seeking a replacement screenwriter to rewrite the current screenplay by Simon Kinberg (X-Men: DOFP, This Means War, Sherlock Holmes).

However it doesn’t stop there as they also report that the studio also has issues with the casting so presumably this can only be the casting of the four leads as no other casting has yet been announced for the film.

Now Bleeding Cool have said that this all comes from a very well connected source that they have within 20th Century Fox and although has reported that high level Fox execs are denying this.

They remain confident in their source and reiterate that Fox have been approaching other directors in relation to ‘Fantastic Four’.

Though they are confident in their source, I can only advise to take this with a pinch of salt as at present no other evidence has been presented by Screencrush to defend their sources claims.

However, in my personal opinion, I choose to believe them on this as after over ten years of following film development including the development of the Bryan Singer directed X-Men movies.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if production was delayed on ‘Fantastic Four’ as the director, screenwriter, and cast had all been changed.

This reboot has been controversial among fans because of its choice of director but more so because of its casting choices and the rumoured plot of the script which if true would be a radical departure from the source material.

Now in the minds of Fox exec’s, they have a lot riding on this reboot of the ‘Fantastic Four’ as they need it to be successful after the critical and fan hatred of their last two efforts coupled with the facts that they are not only looking for a successful new franchise but also one that can be used as part of a shared universe of the Marvel properties they own.

This reboot is crucial to their future Marvel plans and in particular trying to compete with Marvel Studios cinematic output so if the fans are not behind this reboot and let’s not forget that they are the key market for Marvel Studios and a crucial part of their movies’ success, then the Fox execs are certain to be re-evaluating their decisions.

Whether or not this means that they’re going back to the drawing board with only six months before production due to start remains to be seen as though it is not unheard of in Hollywood, it is still a highly risky move with such a big budget feature.

Now what do you think everyone, do you believe that Fox are planning to start over with ‘Fantastic Four’ or do you feel that it’s just wishful thinking and nothing more than speculation?

Comment here on the blog or on the facebook, twitter, or tumblr pages and let me know.


Official Final Trailer For ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

Here it is everyone, the final trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ before the films release on 18th April in the UK and Ireland and 2nd May in the USA.

This trailer gives some brand new footage mixed in with the previously released footage and gives a greater sense of the relationship between Peter and Harry in the movie, first of their friendship and then the dissolution of this friendship due to whatever secrets Oscorp are holding that Harry discovers when he returns to New York.

We also get a greater look at scenes involving Harry as The Green Goblin which when first teased was a big surprise but one it feels like the marketing hasn’t really capitalised on properly as they’ve seemingly taken the thought process of “well the fans worked it out, no point trying to hiding it” and just moved on rather than build on this frankly crucial story reveal.

In addition to more scenes with Harry’s Green Goblin we also get some extra footage of The Rhino as played by Paul Giamatti and in one great looking sequence we see The Rhino armour on all fours charging towards Spidey.

Finally this trailer builds on its predecessors by further highlighting the mysteries of Oscorp in this movie including that teasing shot of the mysterious figure walking by the two cases holding what appears to be Doctor Octopus’ mechanical tentacles and the mechanical wings of The Vulture.

Further hinting at the lineup of the Sinister Six whom we now know are getting their own standalone movie in the next few years.

Personally I really enjoyed this trailer and I feel as I have done with the previous trailers that I still don’t quite know what’s going to happen as the big lynchpin in this new Spidey cinematic universe is clearly Oscorp and what I as I’m sure many of the fans want to know is, what secrets are being held there, what canon and non-canon characters and stories are the filmmakers building towards.

Hopefully we’ll get the answers when the film is released but somehow I doubt that we’ll get all the answers we seek yet as I know that these new stories were planned by director Marc Webb as a trilogy spanning arc and he has confirmed that he is stepping down as director after the third film.

So the question now becomes, how many secrets will be revealed and how many will remain secret, used as seeds for the story of the next movie?